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Birth Injury Litigation

Medical negligence during the delivery process and labor can cause serious birth injuries for infants. These injuries can have a lasting impact on the child and their family.

A successful lawsuit may help with medical costs now and in the future, lost wages, and other damages. However, a successful lawsuit can take a long time to get.


Despite amazing medical advances lamesa birth injury law firm can be a risky. Both mothers and babies expect that doctors will act professionally and avoid blunders that could have long-lasting consequences. If your baby suffered an injury caused by the negligent actions of a hospital or doctor You might want to contact a New York independence birth injury attorney injury lawyer to determine what legal recourse you have.

If you're successful with your claim, you will be awarded financial compensation. This can cover the current and future medical expenses, lost earnings, emotional distress, and other areas of damage. In certain cases juries and judge may also award punitive damage for unacceptable behavior.

Your attorney will work with a network of expert witnesses to determine what occurred and define the standard of care that is accepted. They will go through your records and evaluate the actions of the medical staff that was present during your birth. This will help them create a strong case and increase your chances of success.

Typically, your lawyer will try to reach a settlement agreement with the malpractice carrier before filing a lawsuit. This will require you to submit an agenda of demands that includes a full statement outlining your family's losses as well as the medical evidence that supports the claims. The malpractice insurance company will respond with an offer. If a settlement cannot be reached, the lawsuit will proceed to trial.


The damages that plaintiffs can be awarded are either economic (such medical bill) or not-economic (such as suffering and pain). In many cases juries award both. The amount of damages that the victim will receive is determined by how the accident has affected them as well as their past and future losses. Some states restrict the amount of non-economic damages a jury may determine.

To be able seek compensation, you must prove that the defendant has violated their duty of caring. This is done by the use of medical documents, expert witness testimony, and depositions. Medical experts are people who have been trained in a specific area of medical practice. They evaluate all evidence and can appear in court if they are required. In birth injury cases, an expert can help prove that the defendant's actions fall outside of the standard of care expected from medical professionals with the same experience and training under the circumstances of the case.

In addition to medical experts, attorneys will also be able to depose anyone who may have an interesting story or insight. These are sworn out-of-court statements that allow attorneys to directly question witnesses about what transpired. Some depositions can be conducted via phone or via video conference however, the majority are held in the courtroom. These conversations are often difficult and stressful, but are essential in establishing a strong argument for clients and obtaining the maximum possible amount of compensation.

Statute of Limitations

In New York, as in the majority of states, medical malpractice claims must be filed within the statute of limitations. Parents have two and a half years to file a suit within the time frame of a negligent act, omission or inaction that they believe caused the injuries of their child.

Your attorney will be able to review the medical records of your child to determine whether any nurses or doctors, Lamesa birth injury law firm as well as other hospital staff were involved in the bedford birth injury attorney of your child or daughter. They can seek any relevant documents and information that may help determine the reason for your child's injuries.

In order to prove the misconduct, your lawyer needs to prove that the defendant owed your child a obligation and violated that duty in failing to comply with the standard of care in similar circumstances. To prove this, you attorney will work with medical professionals to evaluate the actions of the medical professional to accepted procedures and practices.

A lawyer can also help you identify witnesses to testify on your behalf. These professionals can give valuable insight into the decision-making process of the doctor and how a particular mistake or omission could have led to the birth injury of your child. Your lawyer will then be able to use this evidence to prove your claim for compensation. A successful medical malpractice case involves two distinct legal claims: one for the child who has been injured and one for parents.

Expert Witnesses

With the right help, families can obtain compensation to cover medical expenses, lost income from time off from work or rehabilitative therapies as well as the cost of long-term care. The key to winning a birth injury lawsuit is having the top experts to be on your side.

These individuals can review the evidence and give their professional opinion as to whether a medical professional acted in breach of their duty of care by performing an action that could have led to an infant's injury. They can also explain complex medical terms to make it easier for judges or jury to understand.

The role of an expert witness is to provide an objective medical opinion that reflects the current state of knowledge at the time of the incident. This means they must not eliminate relevant information to provide a more favorable view for either the plaintiff or the defendant.

Experts should also carefully review relevant medical records and current literature to make an informed decision. In certain cases, experts may be called to appear in a deposition (sworn out-of-court declaration). These sessions can be stressful but they are an essential part of making the case. Your lawyer can help you prepare for these sessions and make sure that you are treated fairly.


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